Arrested assemblyman for Koblimahgu granted police bail

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Babamu Assemblyman for Koblimahagu in Tamale Metropolis, Ahmed Mohammed Babamu

Fri, 18 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Northern Region

The Assemblyman for Koblimahagu in the Tamale Metropolis Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Babamu who was arrested on Thursday, March 17, 2022, for obstructing police investigations in the area has been granted police bail.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Babamu was on Thursday in connection with the recent attacks on VRA/NEDco and impeding police work

According to sources, a team of police personnel stormed the area on the morning of Thursday to search for people they believed were involved in the attack but were obstructed by the people.

Mr. Ahmed Babamu, GhanaWeb learned, was called to intervene in the matter, and he supported the residents in driving the police away.

He was later called to the police station and was picked up when he appeared at the Regional Police Headquarters

"The police came into the area and wanted to open one room, but the people resisted, the assemblyman was called to intervene, so he came and was later on invited to the police station. And when he went there, they arrested him," a source in the community said

The Northern Regional Police Crime Officer Superintendent Bernard Baaba Ananga confirmed the arrest of Mr. Ahmed to GhanaWeb

He indicated that the police got intelligence on the hideout of the suspects believed to have been involved in the attack of the VRA/NEDco staff and went to arrest them but the assemblyman appeared there with a group of people numbering about 20 and allegedly obstructed the work of the officers.

“We identified the place of abode of the suspects, we were there this morning and the assemblyman appeared with a group of people numbering about 20 and threatened our police officers," he said.

"This assemblyman dared our investigator and policemen men who were there to arrest the suspects but the police were not there to contain the situation, we simply had to withdraw,” he explained.

Supt. Baba Ananga said the assemblyman was invited to explain his actions, but he appeared with another group of people at the police command and distracted public peace and security.

Supt. Ananga said after interrogation, it came out that Mr. Ahmed was shielding the suspects from the police, hence his arrest

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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