Be patriotic and halt indiscriminate disposal of solid waste in waterways - Asenso Boakye to Bantama residents

Bantama Floods The MP underwent a a surveillance survey in his constituency

Mon, 7 Mar 2022 Source: Kwame Kyei

Member of Parliament for Bantama doubling as the sector minister for Works and Housing, Francis Asenso-Boakye has urged constituents to halt indiscriminate disposal of solid waste in waterways.

The MP in surveillance in his constituency noted that the major cause of flooding within Abrepo, Ohwim, Bohyen, and other communities within the Bantama sub-metro is a result of the irresponsible human element that creates a perennial flood in the area.

“Bantama is a very large constituency and we can do away with a flood when irresponsible disposal of solid waste into our drainage channels are halted. Since the culverts of the bridges are small, solid waste finds it difficult to pass through which therefore chokes the bridge and results in the flooding,” he said.

Honourable Asenso-Boakye furthered by questioning the level of patriotism of residents who engage in these incessant activities that result in ruining lives and properties.

“People pile rubbish including solid waste at home until they see the clouds forming, then they come out to pour their household waste in gutters forgetting the ramifications. See, somebody dumped the fridge over there into the gutter and has choked the culvert. How patriotic are we to exhibit this kind of activities?” he quizzed.

The Housing Minister assured that he will do everything he can to ensure that the main causes of perennial flooding in the Bantama Constituency are halted and however urged constituents not to engage in activities that will promote good living standards in the constituency to promote national development.

Bantama constituency in the Ashanti region is one of the key areas where there is consistent perennial flood due to the topography and nature of the settlement.

Source: Kwame Kyei
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