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Bugri Naabu rejected new chairman’s money – Aide

Simark Sheraz, an aide to the immediate past Northern Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bugri Naabu, has denied reports that he angrily rejected a cash donation from the newly elected regional chairman earlier this week.

He explained that Bugri Naabu only politely turned down the monetary offer because he did not find it necessary.

Some sections of the media reported that the new Northern Regional Chairman, Mohammed Bantima Samba, had his GH¢50,000 gift to Bugri Naabu turned down because the latter still bore grudges against Samba following the outcome of the elections. But Simark Sheraz in an interview on the Eyewitness News on Thursday said Bugri Naabu’s decision to reject the gift was not out of malice or bitterness.

“It was about three or four days ago. The man [Samba] came to the house with his newly elected team to greet Chairman Bugri Naabu. Bugri Naabu told them to make sure that the party is still on its feet to make sure that we win more parliamentary seats and get more votes for Nana Akufo-Addo.”

“When they were leaving, then the man brought out an envelope. We in the room, we did not know how much was in it. The man told Chairman that he was giving him the envelope to help him pay his medical bills and buy drugs. But Chairman said no, he doesn’t need it now. He [Bugri Naabu] said the time he was on his sick bed, that was when he needed it most. The envelope was not opened,” Simark Sheraz explained.


He added that Bugri Naabu felt it was not right to receive the money from his “small boy” especially right after the elections.

The former chairman, who is currently in Accra after the election defeat, is recovering from a motor accident he suffered barely 48 hours to the regional polls.

On the day of voting, his mangled accident vehicle was towed to the venue supposedly to attract sympathy votes for Naabu.

He also came to the voting centre in a wheelchair, but managed to walk off the venue after the results were declared.

Simark Sheraz explained that Bugri Naabu used the wheelchair at the venue upon a doctor’s advice to avoid standing for long to deliver his address.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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