Regional News Mon, 9 Jan 2006

Bumper fish harvest At Korle Gonno

The drag-line fishermen of Korle Gonno beach, headed by Nii Adu Fio, last Saturday morning, made an unusual catch unprecedented in the fishing activities of the fishermen along the estuary of the Korle Lagoon.

As an ordinary fishing day, the fishermen cast their nets about 300 metres off-shore as early as 5:30 a.m last Saturday morning. An hour later when the drag-line nets reached ashore with its catch, all the fishermen and Nii Adu Fio himself were shocked about what they saw.

The nets were full of big yellow-tailed kingfish (Gbaar) a type of high-sea fish, which is uncommon for drag-line nets to catch.


The news of the catch spread through Korle Gonno, Chorkor, Mudor and James Town like bush fire, attracting a large crowd to the Korle Gonno beach resulting in a traffic jam on the Old Winneba-Accra Central beach road.

?It was really a field day for the hooligans from the old slaughter-houses areas of Ashabienaa and James Town. They stole quantities of the fish at knife point and even went further to use their knives to cut many nets in their attempts to pilfer the catch,? Nii Adu Fio lamented.

It took a combined team of about six armed policemen and four army personnel to control the crowd from looting the fish from the nets. The Police had a hectic time controlling both the crowd and the traffic and few warning shots were fired to disperse the crowd.

Source: Graphic