Chief threatens to exhume body buried at mining site in bizarre manner

Otafirigya Kumanin Barima Agyeman chief of Akyem Afiasa, Otafirigya Kumanin Barima Agyeman

Tue, 6 Jul 2021 Source: kasapafmonline.com

The chief of Akyem Afiasa in Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area in the Eastern Region Otafirigya Kumanin Barima Agyeman has threatened to exhume the body of a 23-year-old man buried in a bizarre way at a mining site of Xtra Gold Company Limited.

The deceased, Kofi Agyei was buried by two CID officers from Kyebi Police last week at Larbikrom Concession of Xtra Gold Company without coroner’s inquest to establish the cause of death despite speculation in town that he was killed by Okyeman Environmental Taskforce.

Otafirigya Kumanin Barima Agyeman believes the conduct of the Police is questionable.

“It is shocking that the police and officials of Environmental Protection Agency will allow for someone to be buried at a mining site because he died there when that place is not designated as a cemetery. I want to see a doctor’s report which will state whether the deceased was killed and dumped in the pit or he fell in the pit himself. If all these things are not done then it will be wrong for any government official, representatives of the traditional authority and the family for allowing the deceased to be buried there.

If after my investigations it emerges that no doctor sanctioned the burial then based on my powers I will cause the body to be exhumed for further investigations to be done to establish how he died and who authorized his burial very near the galamsey pit.”

Residents of Akyem Larbikrom are shocked alleging possible complicity of the Police in the burial of the deceased without establishing the cause of death.

They alleged that the deceased died during an attack by Okyeman Environmental taskforce, adding that there was blood oozing from the ears, nose, and eyes in the mining pit.

Uncle of the deceased, Daniel Kwadede said even though the cause of death remains a mystery, the family consented to the burial based on police advice that the body was in a bad state hence must be buried at the site where the police alleged he drowned.

The Odikro of Akyem Larbikrom Kwesi Larbi said a report given to him by a delegation he sent to the scene indicated that the deceased was found lying in a supine position in a shallow pit filled with little water wearing Wellington boot but the Police decided to bury the body without conducting further investigation.

The Kyebi District Police Commander Superintendent Magnus Reinford Sam told GHone TV on phone that, he is unaware of any such burial. He rather requested details of the said police officers who performed the burial for an internal investigation.

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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