Regional News Mon, 21 Jul 2014

Dagbon Regent bemoans doctors rejection of postings to rural communities

The Regent of Dagbon, Kampakuya-Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai is unhappy about health professionals, especially medical Doctors frequent refusal to accept postings to rural communities.

He said rural dwellers deserved quality health care regardless of their geographical locations.

He therefore underscored the need for government to place a premium on Science and Technology education, particularly in northern schools to produce the best health professionals to serve deprived communities.

Kampakuya-Naa Andani Yakubu Abdulai raised this concern at the commissioning of an ultra modern institution called the 7As College of Science, and Technology built at Kuga-Fong, a suburb of the Yendi Municipality.

He exalted the establishment of the College saying, “The institution is committed to actively raising the quality of life for every child especially those within the eastern corridor.”

“We want all children regardless of their circumstance to achieve their full potential, our task is to make possible by creating the enabling environment for that to happen,” the Kampakuya-Naa remarked.


He emphasized the need for government to use Science and Technology education as the conduit of eradicating poverty which increasingly promote the recurring rural-urban drift.

“We appreciate the efforts of government at improving education in the country however we urge government to do more especially within the north which lags behind in education not as a result of our own doing as believed in some quarters but as a result of deliberate colonial policy that sought in downplaying the significance of education up north to keep the northern territories as a labour reserve for plantation and mines in the southern sector of their own country.”

The Kampakuya-Naa reminded parents of their responsibility to invest in their children’s education to enable them withstand the challenges of global competition.

He commended a team of Science professionals from the State of Arkansas in the United States of America for their tremendous contribution to the establishment of the Yendi 7As College of Science and Technology.

Deputy Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Alfred Sugri Tia on behalf of President John Dramani Mahama thanked management of the College for creating the opportunity for students of the north to develop their talent in the Sciences.

“Indeed the establishment of the 7As Science and Technology College in the Northern Region is a laudable initiative which aims at building the capacity of professionals in the area of Science: the inadequate health personnel in the Northern Region of Ghana, for example, makes the establishment of the school very significant since this will help increase the number of health workers in the region and subsequently the entire nation.”


Dr. Tia recapped the ministry’s existence to address the gaps between activities which will promote economic development through Science and Technology knowledge inputs and their impacts on the environment.

“Developing Science and Technology capabilities is a means of raising the standard of living of people not only in the region, but the country as a whole through direct employment in the fields of medicine, nursing, agriculture and engineering.”

Founder of that College, Nathaniel Adams junior said management’s vision was to redefine Science and Technology education in the north.

He impressed upon parents to take advantage of the College and train their children to become inventors and health professionals to serve their own communities.

He urged northerners to develop the can do spirit to solve their own developmental challenges.

This, according to Nathaniel Adams could bridge the yawning developmental disparities between northern and southern Ghana.


He praised the traditional authorities and political leaders in Yendi for making the project a success.

Nathaniel Adams junior called for the deepening of peaceful co-existence in the entire northern region to attract more investors.

Beginning with a student population of 50 as pioneers, some of the students from across the northern region told Citi News they were poised for the academic discipline.

Plans are afoot by management of the College to expand it to University level.

Government presented 30 laptops and 12 dustbins to the College and reiterated its commitment to partner with private investors to improve Science and Technology education.

The Dagbon Traditional Council, some philanthropists and organizations, donated huge sums and large quantities of teaching and learning materials to the College.

Bank of Ghana presented GHC5, 000 whilst the Member of Parliament for Yendi, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani presented an appreciable quantity of exercise books to the College.

The Mayor of Tamale, Abdul Hanan Gundado on behalf of his colleague Municipal and District Chief Executives, pledged their unflinching support to make the College serve as the engine of technological advancement in the north.

Source: citifmonline