Regional News Thu, 31 Mar 2016

Disband political party vigilante groups – Muslim Clerics

Ahead of the November 7 general elections, Muslim Clerics in the Northern Region have recommended the demobilization of political vigilante groups in the country.

According to them, demobilizing the established political vigilante groups could reduce tensions which are characteristic of general elections.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kandaha Boys, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Azorka and Aluta Boys are the popular political vigilante groups in the Northern Region.

The vigilante group members serve as auxiliary security guards at political events during the campaign season especially on elections day.

Alarmed by their operations, Muslim Clerics in the Northern Region want the political vigilante groups demobilized.

At a joint news conference in Tamale by leaders of the Tijaniya and Ahlisuna Muslim communities, the Spokesperson, Sheikh Imam Amin Bamba explained that the groups contribute to the heightened tension during electioneering campaigns.


“On the upcoming elections we are all aware that in a few months campaigns will begin in earnest and we will like to appeal to all the political parties to regard the elections as competition for the opportunity to serve the nation so that they can see their sister parties as competitors and not adversaries.”

“We appeal to the parties to consciously take steps to preempt and tackle incidents of conflicts to prevent them from degenerating into violent ones.”

The Muslim Clerics admonished the youth to desist from fomenting trouble.

“We also appeal to the youth of the political parties not to allow themselves to be used to foment trouble either within or outside their parties.”

They underscored the need for the law enforcement agencies to be neutral and professional in discharging their duties.

“We also appeal to the security forces to right from the onset demonstrate fairness and professionalism in the handling of conflicts that may arise so as to win the trust of all political parties to ensure a peaceful and successful elections.”

Source: citifmonline.com