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Former NDC member campaigns for high NPP office

Awal Mohammed, the past deputy officer in the Efiduase constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who defected to the NPP barely three (3) months to election 2016, has settled on his uncanny intention to sit in the top and highest decision making meetings of the conservative New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The NDC turncoat who was unjustifiably awarded a national P.R.O position of Youth Employment Agency (Y.E.A) with benefits such as a car, caused anger among the many unemployed youths of NPP who had served the party in the many years of opposition.

These NPP activists felt that it was very discouraging and demotivating to work for the NPP if an NDC officer who defected to the NPP less than 3 months to the 2016 general elections would be given such prominent recognition than them.

Normally, persons who defect to opposing political parties do not seek to force themselves into top positions of the party except those who arrogate to themselves some over-ambitious and self-entitlement.

In the case of Freddie Blay, he had sacrificed his Daily Guide newspaper and to some extent, offered to do some hatchet job back in the days.

Similarly, Baah Achemfour is seeking election as deputy regional secretary of the NDC after defecting from the NPP.

However, in the case of Awal Mohammed, the former NDC deputy officer at Efiduase constituency, he sees everything right with using official state car and fuel coupon to run a campaign with his overzealous desire to sit in top and the highest meetings of the NPP. How did the NPP get here?

How ungrateful and unappreciative can this NDC stooge be? If Awal Mohammed was a deputy constituency officer in the NDC until his defection to NPP, what makes Awal Mohammed to think that he is fit to hold a national position in the NPP? What motivates him to rate himself highly than to start from a constituency position?

Some NPP members are asking that, if this NDC turncoat was not attended to by means of employment like the many NPP members, what else would have motivated him to keep faith with the NPP? How is the NPP accepting that, an NDC turncoat like Awal Mohammed will want to sit in NPP’s steering committee meetings which is more or else like a cabinet meeting? How did the NPP get here?


Current Nasara Coordinator of the NPP Aziz Haruna Futa had gone round the country with Awal Mohammed and offered Awal Mohammed a serious platform to canvass vote for NPP prior to 2020 elections.

Indeed, Awal Mohammed was part of the kitchen cabinet of Aziz Futa who had equal access to NPP confidential data. What is the magic wand in Awal Mohammed that he couldn’t benefit the NPP in the 2020 elections at the Zongos? 

Today, Awal Mohammed has turn round not only to contest Aziz Futa, but on attacking spree against what he thinks are the inadequacies of Aziz Futa. If Awal Mohammed could betray Aziz Futa who carelessly allowed Awal to have access to NPP’s databases, what else wouldn’t Awal Mohammed do to the NPP whenever he feels disappointed in the NPP?


It has been said that Awal Mohammed is in the same office at Y.E.A with dye-in-the-wool evangelists of the NPP, called Salahudeen Al-khomeini. Indeed, they were both drawn into Aziz Futa’s operations.

However, because Salahudeen has a deep belief in the NPP’s tradition, starting from the base as Tescon President, then to Tescon National Coordinator and serving the NPP and its regional chairman diligently, Salahudeen rather contested the Upper East Youth Organiser position and won decisively. That is a true NPP character who believes in ‘apprenticeship.’

How then does Awal Mohammed, who was less regarded in the NDC as a Deputy Constituency Officer, would rate himself that much and even seek to sit in top and highest meetings of the NPP? Is the NPP that cheap in the eyes of Awal Mohammed?
Source: Prosper Agbenyegah, Contributor
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