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I will bring down NPP before I am disgraced - Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong who appears unstoppable in his recent attacks at some members of his own party, has vowed to bring down the New Patriotic Party (NPP), before he is disgraced.

“If you are not careful with people who helped you or us to come to power and give them this reward…… there is this boy called Siriboe whose father is a council of state member. How much did his father pay? You are there undermining him….NPP boy. I mean those NPP people who have vowed to collapse my business saying they will bring me down…If they joke the things I will say In Ghana……the way we won the elections. We did not win the elections on fair grounds. I am warning them for the last time. If they say they will bring me down, I will be the first to bring the NPP down before I am disgraced”, he revealed on Oman Fm, his own radio station.

According to him, he is among those who want the betterment of the party for fear that when the NDC returns to power it will spell his doom.

“Those of us who have shown our faces and ready to die for the party, if care is not taken and the NDC returns to power we are finished”, he disclosed.

This is not the first time Mr Kennedy Agyapong is raising concerns about what the NDC might subject him to should luck smile on the party in 2020.


Last month, he revealed that jailing him is among three options the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is weighing in the event it wins back power 2020.

“My life is on the line. Why is that when Ibrahim Mahama commits a crime I should speak about it but when my own party member commits same I should be quiet”, he asked.

Commenting on recent developments in the NPP with some bigwigs scheming to bring him down with planned meetings at Alisa Hotel in Accra, he said he will not sit down while persons who did little to improve the fortunes of the party bring the current administration under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo down.

“God has blessed me and they will all be disgraced. Whatever they are doing will fall flat because I am fighting a just course. Na true I go talk”, he explained.

“I will correct all wrongs in NPP because should NDC come into power now, they will either kill me, collapse my business or find a flimsy charge against me to be jailed”, he alleged.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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