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I will run NPP professionally with business mindset – Filson Awankua

It’s been over two weeks since some New Patriotic Party members aspiring for various Regional Executive positions of the Party in the Upper East Region, and most aspirants say their campaigns are going well and are happy that, their personalities have not been attacked by others.

In the past, aspirants campaigning for Party positions have complained of their opponents attacking their personalities on their campaign rounds, which they feared could be used against them and the Party in a General Election campaign.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Guide, one of the aspirants contesting for the Regional Chairman position, Filson Awankua, said the race for positions in the New Patriotic Party, is an internal contest and aspirants will do the Party a lot of good, if they stick to what they will be doing to grow the Party in the Upper East Region.

The Upper East Regional Executives election is scheduled for Saturday April 21, and Mr. Awankua is hopeful that, the delegates will select him to be the Regional Chairman to enable him introduce a new ideas to make the Party attractive to the people of the Upper East Region.

According to Filson Awankua, the National Democratic Congress has enjoyed so much support across the Upper East and the time has come for the New Patriotic Party to turn things round, to get the people accepting the NPP as the Party that cares for the people.


“I know how to brand a product or an institution to get the needed attraction and love, and that is what I intend to do with the NPP in this region. I will introduce periodic activities that will involve almost all sections of the public, especially the Youth and women to empower them with knowledge on how to access government opportunities.”

As a founding member of the Young Professionals group of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Awankua has been promising delegates that, if he becomes the leader of the Party in the Region, he will be inviting some of the members of the groups to share their experiences with the youth of the NPP and members of the public who will be interested in starting or growing their businesses.

“If our members are in good business then they will be in the position to pay their monthly dues and if other youth outside our Party, benefit from our trainings and start doing well, there is the high level of possibility that, they will join us or help us.”

He note that the National Executives of the Party cannot do everything for the Regions and that is why, the delegates need to select a Regional Chairman who has shown signs of being connected and innovative in Fund Raising and can run the NPP in a professional and business manner, with the support of other Regional Executives.

There have been allegations of aspirants giving out so much money to attract the attention and favours of the delegates, but, almost all the aspirants who have spoken to the Daily Guide in separate interviews have denied these allegations, with most saying, the delegates cannot be bought, rather, they will have to be convinced so as to be able to make the right decision.


Another Business minded aspirant, contesting for the position of the Regional First Vice of the Party, Imoro Malik is looking forward to the day when the delegates will elect him to the position to support the Party with his innovative ideas.

He is happy that people are going about their campaigns without personality attacks and called for support from all aspirants for whoever the delegates choose as Regional Executives come April 21, 2018.

Imoro Malik, like many others, believes that the NPP can increase the number of Parliamentary seats in the region, from the current three, if all members get involved in growing the Party.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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