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I will shoot the 'elephant' - Mahama

On the campaign trail in the Volta Region, President John Dramani Mahama said on Tuesday that his works will speak for him in the December 7 polls.

Speaking at separate rallies of NDC supporters at Nkwanta in the Nkwanta South Constituency and Kpassa in the Nkwanta North Constituency, the President said he had not mentioned anywhere that he had finished doing all the work he promised to do in his first term.

Nevertheless, he said, he had done his best in his first term to lead the country towards the path of progress and the evidence was there for all to see.

Based on the work done, he had the strongest conviction that the people of Ghana would retain him as President.

President Mahama gave the assurance that if four years were added to him, a lot more would be achieved.


Large crowds

Starting off the second day of his regional campaign from Kpassa, the NDC presidential candidate was met by large crowds of party supporters.

He spoke for about 15 minutes but the message was heavily loaded, spelling out what he had done and what he intends to do in a possible second term of office.

The charged crowds cheered him on as he addressed them.



Roads occupied a good part of the speech and the response from the gathering appeared to indicate the President met their wishes.

President Mahama said the government had given the contractor working on the Anyinase road in the Nkwanta North District two weeks to complete the project or have the contract terminated.

He also told his audience that he had asked the Minister of Roads and Highways to terminate the contract awarded to a Chinese contractor for the reconstruction of the Damanko - Nkwanta road because the contractor had not shown any seriousness in executing the work.

The project, he stated, could be given to a serious contractor for execution.

Nkwanta North district was created in 2004 but to date, the district assembly operates from rented offices because there is no permanent office accommodation.


President Mahama explained that before a new district is created permanent offices and seed money should be provided for the district but unfortunately the Kufuor administration did not make office accommodation available when it created the district.

He promised that the government would address the accommodation challenge, while also assuring them that a new district hospital would be constructed at Kpassa in his next term.

"I will shoot the elephant"

Describing the elections as a battle between truth and falsehood, President Mahama explained that the NDC stood for the truth.

However, the NDC's main opponent, the NPP was only applying falsehood in an attempt to sway voters, he said.

But, the President expressed the hope that the NPP's tricks would not work.

When he told the party supporters that "I will enter the bush to shoot and kill the elephant," the supporters responded with cacophonous cheers.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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