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Kamkam Boadu to contest NPP Chairmanship position

Founding member of the New Patriotic Party and former spokesperson of His Excellency, the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama (former vice president), Mr. David Kamkam Boadu have made known his intention to contest the national Chairmanship position of the party.

He disclosed this in an interview at his residence in Amasaman when he responded to questions pertaining to the future of his political career.

Mr. Boadu who is deeply rooted in the party’s traditions and has attained a high profile party status noted that he, intend to contest for the Chairmanship position of the party in the not distance future.

According to him, “maintaining the victory won by the party in the just ended 2016 polls demands a leader who demonstrates a high sense of humility and is in touch with the party’s grassroots”.


He further noted that, his boundless experience accumulated over the years through his massive engagement in party politics was needed to foster the party’s fortunes in 2020. “The distinct leadership qualities needed to run such a noble office obviously does not escape my sight. I’m action driven and very dynamic in my approach towards achieving organizational goals” he emphasized.

Mr. Boadu is a founding member of the Ghana Democratic Movement in the United Kingdom and was very much involve in the NPP UK. He is also the founder of NPP Milton Keynes until 2006 when he returned back to Ghana.

Mr. Boadu opined that, he is for the down trodden and neglected, and therefore poised to take the leadership mantle as chairman of the party. "I am selfless and my track record speaks volumes of my capabilities", he concluded.

Source: Emmanuel Asieme Ayine
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