Regional News Thu, 23 Jan 2003

Striking Drivers Return to Work

Odumase-Manya Krobo -- Aggrieved commercial drivers in the Manya Krobo District Area (MKDA) who decided to withdraw their transport services last Friday, were convinced to go and continue providing transport services by the deputy spokesman on finance, Nana Ohene-Ntow.

The drivers, who numbered more than 50, were mainly "trotro" drivers who thought the police were harassing them by forcing them to load three passengers on row instead of four.

According to them, they are short distance drivers who do not earn much as the long distance drivers earn and that they should be allowed to load four passengers on a row in order not to incur cost in running the transport business.

As part of their demonstration, these drivers pulled off the road and parked their Urvan buses at the St. Martin's Catholic Centre where the people's assembly's forum for the area was held.

When the government officials got there they invited the drivers to register their grievances for redress.


After they had registered their complaints, Nana Ohene-Ntow reminded them that the law which made it binding on drivers to load three passengers on a row has not been repealed and for that loading more than three on a row makes it a criminal offence.

The drivers were again reminded that when they are caught for overloading, they would face prosecution and heavy fines.

After these pieces of advice, the drivers went back to continue their service, although not satisfied.

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle