Kweiman Amrahia Diary farmland at Amanfro not for sale - Lomoh family warns

Be Warned The Nii Lomoh family has warned encroachers to stay off the land

Wed, 20 Apr 2022 Source: Nii Lomoh, Contributor

The Nii Lomoh family of Amanfro have warned developers on the Amrahia Diary Farmlands at Amanfro within the Adentan Municipality of the Greater Accra Region to desist from purchasing the said land for development.

According to the family, the Diary Farm Land which was acquired by the government for animal farming for the last three decades is not for sale.

The family said the land has been repossessed from the government pending formal documentation and therefore warned prospective developers who have already acquired or are in the process of acquiring portions of the land to desist from doing so.

All developers are urged to contact the Nii Lomoh family of Amanfro on any case in respect of the Armahia Diary farmland.

Nii Adjetey Lomoh, head of the Nii Lomoh family of Amanfro, the owners of the Dairy Farm Land gave the warning in a statement issued to the media in Accra on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

According to him, the family have received information that some unscrupulous individuals from Oyarifa and Kweiman areas have claimed ownership and selling a portion of the land to some unsuspecting developers.

This, Nii Adjeley advised those who acquired land at the said location to desist for their own interests and deal directly with the Nii Lomoh family of Amanfro.

Nii Adjetey Lomoh explained that the land in question was acquired by the government under the General Acheampong regime for government animals farming, but the land has since been left after the collapse of the Acheampong government.

He said successive governments have made several attempts to revamp the Diary farm but failed, hence the family's decision to take possession of the land.

He said while the family is still in the process of reclaiming its custodian land from the government, some persons in and around the land on the Oyarifa enclave have started selling portions of the land to developers without the knowledge of the Nii Lomoh family.

The family further contended that it is illegal for the Owusuwe, kplemwe and Asoawe family of Oyarifa to claim ownership of the Diary Farms land and sell same to unsuspecting developers, which in the view of the family amount to illegality and warned developers to henceforth seized dealing with any person (s) from Oyarifa or their agents on the land.

"It must be stated that members of Owusuwe, kplemwe and Asoawe family of Oyarifa do not own any piece of land there and anybody dealing with them did so in their interest," the Nii Lomoh family stated.

The family added that anyone whosoever refused, failed or disregard the family warning and go in to continue to purchase land from any person or family other than the Nii Lomoh family of Amanfron does so at their or his or her own risk.

The family also urged agents of the government, especially the Ministry responsible to speed up the process and officially hand over the Dairy Farms lands to the family.

Source: Nii Lomoh, Contributor