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NPP members must be given more government contracts – Omari Wadie

An aspirant for the position of National Vice Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Michael Omari Wadie, has expressed disappointment that members of the governing party are not being awarded some major contracts.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Tuesday, Omari Wadie said that although he had been told on his visits to the Northern, Upper West and Upper East Regions that 10 new dams were being constructed as part the government’s flagship ‘One Village, One Dam’ programme, none of the contracts had been awarded to NPP loyalists.

He stated that in one particular constituency, the deal was awarded to another contractor despite the expertise of the party’s local chairman in construction.

According to him, the contractor even asked to rent the chairman’s equipment in order to commence work on the project.

“I want to be a national officer of the party, and as much as possible, I will love our people on the ground, our grassroots, our foot-soldiers to participate and be directly involved in whatever successes we are aiming to achieve. Can you believe we are doing ten dams in every constituency in the three regions of the north and not a single dam is being done by any of our contractors? I mean the party people on the ground.


“I went to one constituency, the chairman of the party there is a big-time contractor with equipment. He told me that the contractor who has been awarded the contract for the dam has approached him and now wants to rent his machines to go and work. So couldn’t we have found a way as a political party to help our own people? Not a single one is being done our party people, it’s sad.”

I’m a politician, not a public officer

When quizzed on why he would seek the interests of members of his party ahead of the general Ghanaian populace, Omari Wadie said since he was contesting for a position in the party, and so his primary concern is for sympathizers of the NPP.

He bemoaned the fact that members of the governing party appeared to have been overlooked in the consideration for a number of projects, potentially due to fears of accusations of party bias.

According to him, members of the NPP deserved to be considered for important government contracts once they have the necessary credentials to undertake such projects.


“I am a politician and I am vying for a position within the party and I must seek the interest and the welfare of the party. I’m not applying for a public office. So I must look at what we can do to also help our people to be involved in the constructions that we are going to do. I am not afraid to openly say that. Being NPP should not prevent you from getting jobs. We’re all Ghanaians.”

Sod cut for Bongo Dams

In fulfillment of government’s campaign promise of One Village One Dam, the Bongo District Assembly in the Upper East Region recently cut the sod for the construction of eight dams located in eight communities within the district.

The district submitted 15 communities for consideration, but only eight were approved for construction.

Delegates Conference set for July 7


Having been originally set to take place from June 15 to 17 at Koforidua in the Eastern Region, the NPP postponed its National Delegate Conference to July 7 due to a clash with the Eid ul-Fitr celebrations.

This year’s congress will see the election of a new set of national executives who will run the affairs of the party for the next four years.

Michael Owari Wadie is contesting for the party’s 1st Vice Chairmanship position but faces stiff competition from some persons including Ken-Wuud Nuworsu, Agnes Asangalisa Chigabatia, Fredrick Fredua Antoh and Vida Agyekum Acheampong.

He argued that having worked for the party at the constituency level, he had a greater understanding of the workings of the party and would be the ideal candidate for the Vice Chairmanship position.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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