Outgoing Wulensi DCE's official car seized and belongings thrown out by confirmed DCE

Wulensi Dce Issifu Zakaria, newly confirmed DCE of Nanumba South District during the confirmation ceremony

Mon, 4 Oct 2021 Source: Abraham Nlenkiba-Kawastar, Contributor

The newly confirmed president's nominee for the District Chief Executive for the Nanumba South District, Hon. Issifu Zakaria on the confirmation day seized the official car used by the outgoing DCE a few minutes after the confirmation.

Information gathered indicated that just few minutes after the confirmation, the confirmed DCE allegedly took over the car the outgoing DCE drove to the program.

His belongings in the car were thrown out while he was forcefully removed from the car paving way for the newly confirmed DCE to get onboard leaving the old man standing helplessly.

This incident happened on Friday, October 1, 2021, at the District Assembly Hall in Wulensi.

The President's nominee for the DCE for Nanumba South was confirmed on October 21 when he polled 28 Yes votes against 12 No votes of the 40 assembly members representing 70% to be approved as the DCE.

According to eyewitnesses, the outgoing DCE escorted the Northern Regional Minister to board his car before he turned to join the convoy to Kpandai to confirm the DCE nominee there and upon returning to his car, he was confronted by the newly confirmed DCE and his men who forcefully removed the outgoing DCE from the car with his belongings thrown out. He was nearly thrown down on the ground. The new DCE took over the car with his men on board and ordered the driver to move the car leaving the outgoing DCE standing helplessly.

The disappointed DCE was left to foot back home after the seizure of the car. It took the intervention of a good Samaritan to call for a private car to pick the DCE to his house.

Even though the car belongs to the District Assembly and is supposed to be officially handed over to the successor probably in a special handing over ceremony day or days after the confirmation but the newly confirmed DCE acted without regard to the formal way of doing things.

This action of the new DCE has raised eyebrows on how the DCE intends to man the District considering his posture at the onset.

Many are of the view that if this attitude of the DCE will be his leadership style, then Wulensi should expect nothing but divisions, disrespect to the elderly and disregard for the law.

If the DCE does not advise himself, he will end up deepening the cracks in the NPP in Wulensi.

The NPP in Wulensi needs a leader who can unite the Party to re-capture the lost seat.

It is not immediately known why the new leader behaves that way but it can be inferred that the new DCE was part and parcel of those who led demonstrations aftermath of the 2020 Primaries in Wulensi leading to the destruction of the party office and burning down of the Party's pick-up because their camp leader could not secure victory to lead the party as the parliamentary candidate in 2020 elections.

It is regrettable for the newly confirmed DCE to have acted in that manner, disgracing the outgoing DCE who wholeheartedly attended the program to confirm him as his successor.

The good people of Nanumba South District are calling on the Party hierarchy in the Region and the National level to call the new leader into order and also sanction him for his actions which go against the law if not, the new DCE would plunge the whole District into chaos when he is fully handed over to.

Source: Abraham Nlenkiba-Kawastar, Contributor