Peg School Feeding caterers payment to inflation – SEND Ghana to government

School Feeding Catereers  3.jpeg School feeding caterers

Sun, 22 May 2022 Source: starrfm.com.gh

An International Organization, SEND Ghana is urging the government to peg the payment of School Feeding Caterers to the level of inflation.

The food providers have vowed they will not cook if the government does not increase their money per child to GH¢3.00.

According to them, the high cost of food and the general hardship in the country is making it impossible to feed the pupils. The Caterers said they are making huge losses at the current price allocation by the government.

They disclosed that since 2018 the allowance was reviewed from 80 pesewas per child to GH¢1.00 which also attracts a tax of 30pesewas leaving them with 97 pesewas.

Speaking to Joshua Kodjo Mensah on Starr Today Friday, the Deputy Country Director SEND-Ghana, Dr. Emmanuel Eyifah stated that the amount being demanded from the caterers are justified.

“So since 2019 school feeding caterers have been calling for an increment for payment per each student to at least GH¢2.00. In 2019 inflation wasn’t skyrocketing like we have now. So for me, if they are calling GH¢3.00 I think it is okay. Because we all know that GH¢3.00 cannot buy any roadside food.

“But, we understand they buy in bulk that in essence will mean that GH¢3.00 could be managed. From where I sit and with the way things are moving now the caterers are not asking too much,” Dr. Eyifah explained.

He continued: “What I will recommend rather is that as much as possible we need to be pegging the prices (for the caterers) to inflation. So that if they have much pressure like they are facing now they will be cushioned one way or the other. If they are asking for GH¢3.00 they are not asking for something abnormal.”

The SEND Ghana Deputy boss also asked the government to prioritize the school feeding program.

He, however, commended the caterers for calling off the strike action.

Source: starrfm.com.gh