Public urged to take precautionary measures against heavy rains

Sat, 13 Jun 2020 Source: GNA

The public has been urged to take extra precautionary measures as more rains are expected in Southern Ghana within the next two weeks.

Madam Felicity Ahafianyo, Acting head, Central Analysis and Forecasting Office, Ghana Meteorological Agency, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview, that the rainy season in the Southern part of the country was currently at its peak and this means that there would be frequent rainfalls.

She said more rains were expected in the course of the week, as well as the on-coming week and that people should thus take charge of their safety and avoid taking unnecessary risks during the season.

Madam Ahafianyo urged the public to listen to the weather forecast as much as possible, and plan their activities accordingly.

Mr. George Ayisi, Director of Communications, National Disaster Management Organisation, in an earlier interview with the Ghana News Agency, said people in flood prone areas should move to safer places during the season.

He said with many people building in waterways, as well as marble taking over several soil surfaces coupled with choked drains and natural factors, many found themselves living in flood prone areas.

Mr. Ayisi said immediately, it was best for people within such areas to relocate to safer places, to avoid the side effects of heavy rains such as flooding which sometimes resulted in deaths and loss of property.

He said it was important for people to pay attention to the weather forecast, in order to plan their movements in a manner that ensured their safety.

“Let us endeavor to be safe by taking good care of ourselves,” Mr. Ayisi said.

A downpour last Monday night in several parts of Southern Ghana, resulted in heavy flooding and five deaths.

Southern Ghana is currently in its first and major rainy season of the year.

The rainy season for Northern Ghana however, is just beginning.

The rains in the South are expected to taper off to an end within the month of July, according to the Ghana Meteorological Agency.

Source: GNA
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