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Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly – Suhuyini blasts Otabil

A former Radio Gold journalist and Member of Parliament for Tamale North, has lashed out at founder and leader of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil for responding to critics using his pulpit.

According to Alhassan Suhuhini, Dr. Mensah Otabil’s jab at his critics about the bankruptcy of Capital Bank recently whiles preaching is ungodly.

The ICGC leader who was delivering sermon yesterday at the Christ Temple, laughed off that, people who look like insults to themselves are heaping insults and aspersions on him after the collapse of Capital Bank.

He also alluded in his sermon that, the motivation for people who rejoice in the misfortunes of others is because they have little to show for in life.

But the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP, speaking on Joy News in Accra expressed disappointment at the renowned ‘Man of God’, claiming it was not right for him to use his pulpit in attacking opponents.

“The Bible and the Quran teach us to season our words to ensure that we do not respond to people who speak negatively about us in a like manner.

“I am surprised that he chose to do even worse because if I insult you and you in response, you say I look like an insult, that is not godly, especially for him to choose the pulpit to do that,” Alhassan Suhuhuni said.

The NDC man claimed that, many businesses and families are bound to suffer serious distress and struggles due to some poor business decisions taken by leaders of the financial institution.

He also added that, Dr Mensah Otabil cannot in anyway insulate himself from blame as he immensely contributed in decision making as board chairman of the collapsed bank.

Dr Mensah Otabil’s ICGC and Otabil and Associate had 3% shares each in Capital Bank.

The renowned clergy had admitted going through difficult times from public criticism after the bank got collapsed.

Capital bank and UT bank were taken over by GCB Bank and the Central Bank went further to also freeze the accounts of directors and top managers.
Source: yen.com.gh
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