Squatters along Odawna cause of flooding – Dredge Masters

Sat, 20 Apr 2019 Source: Starr FM

Dredge Masters, contractors in charge of desilting the Odawna drains have blamed squatters along the drain for contributing to the drains overflowing its banks hence resulting in flooding.

The company says those living along the banks throw their waste into the drains which serves as a blockade and so aggravates the situation.

Dredge Masters is currently desilting the entire stretch of the Odawna drains following the renewal of its contract by the government, to avert any flooding in this year’s rainy season.

As at the time of beginning the process, the drains had lost about five metres of its depth to silt.

Speaking to Starrfm.com.gh, Operations Manager for Dredge Masters Sena Adiepena explained “poachers aggravate the situation by throwing their waste into the drains which acts as a blockade. The main reason for the flooding is not the rubbish it is the silt deposit which has resulted in the loss of capacity of the drain. The rubbish content only serves as a blockade so it aggravates the situation.”

He said “we are also in touch with the A.M.A with regard to clearing the squatters and encroachers along the drains. It’s those same squatters who end up losing their lives because they are too close to the drains and in event of overflowing of the drains they are the first victims.”

He added “naturally, silt deposit in the drain is a natural phenomenon. But if you have the banks of the drain exposed and not properly grassed, we have some of those bacteria falling back and adding to the silt deposit. As part of our scope, we are not just to dredge but also beautify the landscape to enhance the look of the area.”

On how often the drains should be desilted, he said: “it’s still yet to be decided, but in my opinion, I will say quarterly we should maintain it.” He said, however, that there can be a permanent fix which would involve engineering and research.

Dredge Masters prior to the start of the maintenance dredging have cleared all encroachers and squatters along the drains with help from the AMA as well as the Ghana Police Service.

Source: Starr FM
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