Regional News Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Traders, commercial drivers at Kaneshie frustrated over poor roads

A trader at Kaneshie sharing her view about the bad road

Some traders and commercial drivers have registered their frustration about the deplorable nature of roads at Kaneshie in Accra which they say is impacting negatively on their businesses.


They argued the poor nature of the roads is driving away customers.

Speaking to Myjoyonline.com’s Austin Brakopowers, some of the angry traders say they are unhappy with the neglect they are suffering in the hands of government and city authorities.

A taxi driver criticised the payment of Road Worthy insurance, noting that although they make such payments, the roads are not in the best of shapes for the cars to travel on.

“We are pleading with the government to come and fix the road for us because we are paying so much tax and we don’t get to use the road the way it is supposed to be used. As a taxi driver, I buy shock absorbers and brakes every two weeks because of the road. We are tired,” he said.

Another trader added that whenever there is a heavy downpour their shops get flooded as a result of the poor drainage systems in the area.

He explained that since the rain started in June they have lost millions of cedis worth of products. He wants city authorities to expedite action to fix the roads and improve the drainage system.


A female trader said anytime the roads are damaged by the rain, city authorities quickly dispatch people to fix them but because they are done haphazardly it creates more problems.

She said in the full glare of other traders, men sent to fix the road use inferior products and as a result, the roads get worse less than a month after they have been fixed.

We want to ask the government if this place is part of the city or it is a village? said the trader in Twi.

She also expressed grave concerns about the manner workers of Zoomlion, a waste management company dump their trash in front of their shops drenching the whole area in heavy stench for days.

This situation she said makes it unhealthy for them to eat in their shops.

Source: Myjoyonline.com