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Violent demonstrations prevent Savelugu MCE from reporting for official duties

Hajia Ayishetu Seidu, the recently elected Municipal Chief Executive for the Savelugu/Nanton Municipal Assembly, is yet to begin her official duties in the district.

Due to several threats by irate residents in the district, the elected MCE is yet to show up at her office for fear of possible attacks.

The residents had already staged a demonstration against the nomination of Hajia Seidu, with threats to make her live terrible and promises of derailing her work if she took up the position.

According to the residents, Hajia Seidu is not a native of the Svelugu district, hence she bribed the members of the assembly to back her nomination and secure her victory.

They claim they would gladly sacrifice their lives for the sake of protecting the New Patriotic Party's interest in the district, as long as it means the MCE would rescind her status and vacate the post.


On Monday, according to a Citi Fm report, the Savelugu residents went on their third demonstration against Hajia Seidu who is the first female Municipal Chief Executive of the area. "A stranger has been imposed on us. We shall not countenance Hajia Ayishetu Seidu to be our MCE. We are prepared to sacrifice our lives to defend the NPP party in Savelugu and to defend the whole Savelugu Nanton constitution from strangers. She has bribed her way through and the constitution of Ghana frowns seriously on corruption. She has started with corruption, if she settles down, you can imagine what she will do," said one demonstrator to Citi News.

The group had also presented their petition to the Municipal Coordinating Director, Issaka Braimah Basintale, the residents stated that MCE was not the right person for the position.

They claimed she never participated full in any of the party activities in the area and was a stranger to the residents.

However, Hajia Seidu has debunked these claims. She argued that she was a native of Savelugu, with her family house still in the district.

She added there was no need for her to bribe the assembly members, as her victory was due to the trust they had in her to work hard for the district.

Source: yen.com.gh
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