General News Fri, 9 Nov 2018

'We have di men, we have di men,' yet 110 ministers no fit fix footbridges - Ghanaians bore plus gov't

During di 2016 elections, New Patriotic Party argue say "we have the men," one slogan which chaw Ghanaians follow take vote di party into power sake of dema claim say more intellectuals den experts dey di party inside.

But people start dey question where di men dey after another road accident for di Madina-Adenta highway top kill one senior high school student on di spot.

Di female student die sake of no footbridge dey di road top which make di over speeding vehicle kill am.

According to Selorm Brantie, one of di leaders for Concerned Residents of Adenta, dem count up to 192 deaths for di road top so far.

Di concerns be say despite di chaw ministers, government appointees, presidential staffers den noise wey Madina den Adenta residents make over di footbridge matter, government no take action yet until say violent protests happen.

After di riots, government release joint inter-ministerial committee press statement which indicate say dem go start fix am next week. But dis no impress some Ghanaians who dey argue say e be after di demo happen before dem wan solve di problem.

People enter social media dey express dema disappointment on di poor response to citizen concerns until say dem resort to violence before leaders go react.

Source: bbc.com/pidgin
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