You’re a big disappointment! - Ghanaians descend on Akufo-Addo over ‘legacies of past decade’ comments

Sun, 11 Nov 2018 Source: My News GH

Some Ghanaians are unhappy about President Akufo-Addo's comment that issues which led to the protest at Adenta are “legacies of a decade” of infrastructural neglect, suggesting he is not to blame.

The President in expressing his condolences to the family of the student who lost her life at Adenta said:

"The Ministry of Roads and Highways is ensuring that work begins on completion of these bridges in the course of the coming week, and has put together a comprehensive plan to address systematically all these infrastructural problems, which are legacies of a past decade of neglect."

The President and his 110, now 111 ministers, particularly NPP MPs at Adenta and Madina have received wide flak over the numerous deaths recorded on the highway.

So far, a total of 195 persons, including children and students, have since the beginning of this year been killed on the multiple highway with a speed limit of 100 kilometer per hour, according to the residents. Statistics from the Police however put the figure at 24.

But Ghanaians accosted the President on his own Facebook page and dished out hot insults to him and his government for “irresponsible loose talk”. Some posted on their walls expressing disappointment in the President for talking “anyhow”.

Below are some of the comments

“Fix the roads and spare us these condolences. Reality now dawn on you. There is money in Ghana Mr super incompetent.”

“”Legacies of the past decade of neglect” indeed. I am highly dissapointed in the NPP. Always blaming past governments but never accepting their incompetence.”

“You talk too much but do nothing… seems like u sleeping on the job… Have u now seen the importance of infastructure and it’s expansion… Governance is a serious bussiness… You are power drunk if not u should be resigning for every preventable lives being lost as a result of ur incompetence!”

“Someone has just loss her precious daughter and it all fall on “legacies of past decade”? What a waste. This is really a disappointment.”

“What do you mean by legacies of a past decade of neglect? Why did Ghanaians voted for you? You and your government can’t just talk without blaming someone else right? Fix it because that why Ghanaians voted for you”

“Can your Minister for those sectors resign? Do we wait for disaster before you act!!! Common sense”

“Who ever is operating this account for Nana must be careful because the way I am angry God knows, ask Nana for me doesn’t he pass circle in front of Vodafone office the traffic light has been off for more than one year and you are watching it. I don’t see any sense in voting.”

“oh you so had to point out that these infrastructurual problems are legacies of a decade of neglect isn’t it? and it had to take the life of an electorate for you to send down a solution. I’m pro Npp but honestly Nana you’ve failed us all…You have been in power nearly 2yrs and you still blaming previous gov’t. “Legacies of a past decade of neglect”? No remorse in this your statement. English professor!”

“You’re not serious one bit!! I thought you promised a first class leadership. Now we have to beg you to open completed hospitals and build foot bridges… you have reserved Money to create new regions—funny old man.”

“Nansis you know this and you turned deaf ears to all the calls to construct the footbridges? Next time the demonstration is gonna be very chaotic at the jubilee house. Knust demo alike is gonna hit you soon….”

“The student? Mr. president she had a name. Aisha was her name. Who at all is in-charge of writing your press releases?”

“Shut your lying and long tongue up. U don’t set your priorities right. Ghc932m for a referendum to create new regions? Imagine the development projects this money undertake when shared among the four regions to be divided. Akuffo Addo with black mentality”

“Prepare for opposition because you governance are full of talkative and no actions. I have regretted voting for you as my president, I taught your governance will be like ex Pres Kuffuor. #2020WeGoShowNana.”

“Its quite convenient to blame the previous administration, Mr. President. I think the blame for those deaths equally falls on you. You have been in power for 24 months and a lot could have been done as far as fixing these bridges are concerned. Why are you now speeding up action? Is it because there was a demonstration? That is not right. You could have sped up action right from day one.”

“The whole president is seen shifting blames here? ????????. You’re a big disappointment. The accidents and deaths on that road didn’t start today, and several calls by residents on your government all went unheeded. Today, you’re saying ‘the past decade of neglect’. When you were blaming JM for ‘dumsor’, you didn’t know it was from ‘past decades of neglect’? Trim your government down and save some money for our roads. 111 ministers, 998 presidential staffers, and all of them still engaging in corruption. Aden…??”

Source: My News GH
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