Bridget Otoo celebrates Christmas with Gambaga Witch Camp inmates; donates cash and cloths worth GHC10k

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Comment: A good deed but unnotticed

2020-12-30 13:00:26
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Bridget Otoo celebrates Christmas with Gambaga Wit

You see for a good deed no one comments. This shit nation have been so partisan that everyone's life now depends
upon it. Indeed there are witches and in fact for that matter most people are whether unknown with someone
who is been used spiritually without his knowledge and there are the known ones. The latter is aware of what
he or she is up to. Yet this does not mark the fate of even those who are. God said do good to your neighbor
for those who believe in God, yet He never specified who. It is a spiritual journey and those who believe it
exist should know this is not the answer. "Exodus 22:18-20 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", does not
hold water anymore for those who believe in the Blood of the Lamb. After all a lot of the old testament before
the Messiah has now been annulled. Well done for your generosity which the Creator would not overlooked and
wish others to follow suit. Mind you some people are in the camp because their poor relatives could not look
after them so they were branded with witchcraft.

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Koj on Dec 30, 2020 13:00