GhanaWeb4Good: Mother of 2-year-old boy at Paga-Nania suffering from ‘Hole-in-heart’ cries for help

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2021-07-27 16:57:22
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GhanaWeb4Good: Mother of 2-year-old boy at Paga-Na

Abedi Pele hails from this community(Nania), i plead with him to take up this bill to save this poor little boy from dying, Sadio Mane has built a whole hospital for his village in Senegal fully equipped with modern health equipments, Didier Drogba did same for his people in Ivory Coast, so Abedi and his children should tell his children to pick up the bills,6 thousand dollars is not beyond their reach.Who knows, this little boy could be another Nania hero in future, I hope they will respond soon.

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M-min-nie on Jul 27, 2021 16:57