Final year students of Kaleo Sec. Tech. leave school over expulsion of colleagues

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2021-07-28 23:49:48
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Thanks for being non-violent but.....

Expel them. They do not run the school. GES does. If they have to write the exams from home, always maintain have Police presence there and they must leave the school every day. Dont let them mingle with other students and transfer any virus to them. Right after every paper, the Police must escort them from the school and guard it. If they play the fool, bring in more Police or military if necessary. If their parents should now rent rooms for them, they shall learn sense. Then, they would have to buy their own food and pay water and Light bills to landlords. The pampering is too much. Teach them a lesson.

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FRANK AGYENA KARIKARI on Jul 28, 2021 23:49