Final year students of Kaleo Sec. Tech. leave school over expulsion of colleagues

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Comment: Expulsion of colleagues

Johnathan Dagel
2021-07-31 23:32:54
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Final year students of Kaleo Sec. Tech leave schoo

I am a parent to one of the students,I even think that the headmistress should even be arrested by the police because she is a criminal. Pls those of us commenting any how should try to get the information into details first. According to the students. They said that the headmistress has sacked a lots of students and she always ask teachers to let students to sign on behave of student she sack when ever the government enrolled the list to know the number of students in campus inoder to pay their school fees and feeding..
.They should investigate this issue properly and arrest all those criminal that are supporting him ........Thank you

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Johnathan Dagel on Jul 31, 2021 23:32