Koku Anyidoho ‘reveals’ Nana Addo’s shadow cabinet

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Comment: Nana Addo Cabinet

Sanni Mamanana
2016-10-22 15:42:40
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Nana addo cabinet

My dear,have you ever been a madman to know that only them talk without thinking?
I personally think it's better to come out xith strong arguments to oppose to what Mr Aniyidoho said instead of insulting an official like him. Show us the man is wrong by displaying part of Nana Addo's cabinet members. Don't insult please and claim the other side is insulting you when they retaliate.

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Sanni Mamanana on Oct 22, 2016 15:42
Nana Addo Cabinet
Mortious on Oct 22, 2016 14:38
fear woman on Oct 24, 2016 02:48