Politics Wed, 26 Oct 2016

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Go home, drink, sleep and wait for Mahama's victory – Twum Boafo tells NDC supporters

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2016-10-26 07:41:12
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Issuing local dollar bond must be measured- Econom

... Without Any Conscience, Ndc Is Daily Exploiting The Gullibility And Illiteracy Of The Poor And Unsuspecting Voters In Their Strongholds To Perpetrate Evil, Real Evil, On Ghanaians And We All Sit And And Look On Unconcerned As Ndc Destroys Ghana Big Time..........Their Gullible Voters Don’t Even Know That The DUBIOUS PAYMENTS OF JUDGMENT DEBTS Is A Drain On The Very National Coffers Which Is Supposed To Be Used To Improve Living Standards And Provide Employment For The Youth Roaming The Streets Of Ghana Without Any Decent Work To Earn A Living.......Sada Has Been Used By Ndc To Drain The Coffers Whilst In The North, Poverty Is Killing Them Needlessly .....Gyeeda, Subah, Etc Are All Huge Drains On The Economy But Their Voters In Their Strongholds Continue To Vote Sheepishly For Them Due To Ignorance ............Overly Bloated Budgets For Govt Contracts Have Become An Avenue To Destroy Our Economy Without Their Voters Protesting Or Asking Questions In Order To Ensure That Ghana Obtains Real Value For Money As Poverty Is Fast Eroding Access To Good Education And Health Delivery Services, Our Road To Our Farms Are So Deplorable And Yet Ndc Continues To Embezzle Money Thro Yes And Leap Programmes .........8.7 Bn Ghc Overspent In 2012 Just For Mahama To Win Elections Have Destroyed Ghana And Brought Ghana Down To Its Knees As Imf Now Controls Our Every Decision As A Sovereign Nation.............The Ghc Which Was 1.12 To The Dollar In 2008 Is Now 4.0 Ghc To The Dollar....This And Dumsor Have Destroyed Govt And Private Businesses All Over The Country Yet Ndc Is Still Screaming One Touch Victory In 2016 Bcos Their Voters Don’t Even Know The Extent Of Cluelessness And Thievery Of This Ndc Govt.....Huge Indebtdedness And Huge Interest Payments Have Destroyed The Future Of Our Country’s Youth ......The Future Looks Very Very Very Bleak Under This Ndc Clueless Gvt.....

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ROSEMARY on Oct 26, 2016 07:41