Shareholders must invest more in their banks – Dr Adu Antwi

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Comment: Stupid statement

Efo Nii Ghanaba
2017-08-15 12:01:48
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Shareholders must invest more in their banks – D

Dumbest analysis thus far since this story broke! And to think it's coming from the ex-leader of Ghana stock exchange is even more troubling considering the circumstances. This man seems confused so let me attempt to offer some clarity: these banks collapsed not because of short of cash but lack of competent management which resulted in lack of cash to operate. So why should shareholders infuse any more of their hard earned cash into an already failed or failing institution? As if to say, they, the shareholders are stupid beyond redemption. No wonder Ghana is still a developing country with the likes of ppl like this guy at the helm of affairs of a stock exchange. God save Ghana

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