It’s a shame a ‘competent’ Otabil could not save Capital Bank – Kumchacha

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Comment: Re: He is the owner so he caused it ?

Papa Boateng
2017-08-20 10:39:44
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He is the owner so he caused it ?

Its pitty u do not understand corporate governance. Yes, Otabil is not the owner, but he was the chairman of the board. Just google to find out the functions of the board and its chairman. They set out the strategic vision and direction of any institution. There are various committees that are in charge pf the various actions of management. They hv indeed hired managers to seek de daily activities of the bank but mainly with their approval. The board is responsible for the failures of management.
If otabil was not on the board the he will not be blaimed for this, but in this case he was even the chair. For two years the bank had been under life support from BoG as he was the chairman. How can't he be blaimed. The shareholders can not be sued but the board can be sued

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Papa Boateng on Aug 20, 2017 10:39
Re: He is the owner so he caused it ?