Capital Bank’s collapse has exposed Otabil’s incompetence – Kweku Boahen

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Comment: brain sinophobia

who cares
2017-08-17 16:04:25
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Capital Bank’s collapse has exposed Otabil’s i

Kwaku boahen you can't even venture a common pure water company to succeed in life you kwaku boahen i dare you!. How dare you insulting a man of God, Someone who inspiring a lot of people in our society. If he doesn't go with your ideology it May not meant you have to insult him. After all he is not the only person his business collapse. Come to Europe here and even America,Asia a lot of businesses are collapsing due to one or two things. Let us be realistic and constructive of our criticisms. During your era lots of businesses collapsed because economy.

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who cares on Aug 17, 2017 16:04
brain sinophobia