You cannot trust BoG to do an unbiased job in investigating Capital Bank - NDC lawyer

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Comment: Nonsense

2017-08-19 19:37:35
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You cannot trust BoG to do an unbiased job in inve

Why do the NDC want to run every state institution down just for their parochial interest. How can you say that BoG cannot be trusted to do an unbiased job when they are the constitutionally mandated institution for that? If a board member's husband is a pastor in a bank in which the church he pastors has shares, I do not see how constitutes conflict of interest when the BoG has clear regulatory and enforcement units and regimen which no one, not even the collective board, much less the single board member can influence. This the most unintelligent and intellectually dishonest statement any one could make. What kind of law schools do NDC lawyers attend. None of them has ever made any legal sense in any debate. NDC lawyer indeed. When did we start calling people to the bar in party colours?

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