People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me' – Otabil

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Comment: Silence is Golden

law of kama
2017-08-20 15:51:33
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People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me'

if God is our help u need to stay calm and keep praying.
Clearly bad decisions come with consequences and the effect of bad decisions affect society, and so people will talk including your ICGC congregation, staff of the banks, shareholders who couldn't boldly speak up, other pastors and ministers in church business projects and a good case study for politicians,academics etc.
Pastor Otabil,remember the days at Baiden Powel hall , its been a long walk, just calm down and keep praying.
Thank u and God bless Ghana.

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law of kama on Aug 20, 2017 15:51
Silence is Golden
Faith on Aug 20, 2017 22:32
Airborne Ranger on Aug 20, 2017 23:16