People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me' – Otabil

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Comment: Arrogance paa ni3!

Simon K
2017-08-20 16:24:00
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People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me'

Ei! Otabil, did you really say "people who are not qualified to mention your name"? Where from this arrogance too? Were you not the same person who was calling people incompetent because they couldn't manage stuff well and we believed you thinking you were competent and noe that we've realized that you're also equally incompetent you want to complain. Please, this is what we call "the law of Karma" please stop the arrogance and humble yourself, for Christ wasn't, for you to see yourself above your congregants through their tithe and collections that you're now rich.

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Simon K on Aug 20, 2017 16:24
Arrogance paa ni3!
Faith on Aug 20, 2017 22:32
Airborne Ranger on Aug 20, 2017 23:16