People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me' – Otabil

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Comment: Oh otabil u are a disgrace to God or god

2017-08-20 17:06:26
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Re: People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting m

Oh otabil how could you say some people who do not have the right to mention your name? Are you above God or Jesus? Is it because in your myopic eyes you think u are richer than Jesus and your congregation that is why u are spewing those nonsensical words? A man ofrom God should never be little any human being. Jesus talks about humility. Where is yours mensah? Are you truly of God? You insulted the former president almost every Sunday on your pulpit yet you cold not manage a mall bank. You owe JM and his ministers a big apology. Stop the hypocrisy and learn to be humile before God exposes you more.

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Nanakkd on Aug 20, 2017 17:06
Oh otabil u are a disgrace to God or god
Faith on Aug 20, 2017 22:32
Airborne Ranger on Aug 20, 2017 23:16