People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me' – Otabil

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Comment: By Their Fruits U shall Know Them!

Yaw Aikins
2017-08-21 02:13:38
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People who 'look like insult' now 'insulting me'

Now he's confirmed how fake he is...its rather Ironic cos today I heard a preaching from him on de qualities of a so called man of God and I dnt think judging from his own words he's fit to pastor a church cos I heard him say a man of God must not be quick to ANGER.. He must not be FULL OF HIMSELF but VALUE THE VIEWS OF OTHERS. .. Now he's insulting ppl who av different views from his...How can he preach a word n do exactly opposite? Is it dat they jus preach de word n not practice it ? Well datz for de so called "CHRISTIANS" to judge. Aside dis issue I knw his former body guard / Security who complained bitterly abt his selfishness so dis didnt cum to me as a surprise at all.He jus confirmed wat I heard from de security guy.They start in classrooms n 4get dat its de same INSULT LOOKING ppl whose offerings n contributions gave him de better life he's enjoying now. DNT BE FOOL BY THESE MEN...GOD NEVER CALL THEM,ITS ALL ABT BUSINESS,TO ME THEY'RE JUS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS WHO PREY ON UR SPIRITUAL NEEDS

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By Their Fruits U shall Know Them!