I'll bounce back 'as gold' - Otabil

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Comment: Hypocrite Otabil.

2017-08-20 22:21:47
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I'll bounce back 'as gold' - Otabil

Otabil says he will bounce like kaikai so be wear of your pockets. If jesus was not only insulted but crucified, Otabil says he is above that. What a arrogance and hypocrisy. Those who criticise him looks like insult not like image of God anymore. If someone could not manage a country and Otabil called him incompetent but refuse to accept to be called the same when he has collapse a bank as board chairman. He is now blaming devil. He has poke the eyes of the devil and the devil was annoyed so he collapse the bank. Lol. 24 hour miracle couldn't safe the banks but ghana will leap forward after he has collapse the banks. Fraudsters have sweet tongue and that is what Otabil is.

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DDT on Aug 20, 2017 22:21
Hypocrite Otabil.