I'll bounce back 'as gold' - Otabil

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Comment: read your bible believers

2017-08-20 23:43:03
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I'll bounce back 'as gold' - Otabil

U are really after the worldly things after all where did u get all the money to get this worth from the church members so they should be ready ,they are going to pay for it all aoooo,good to be pastor,so what is the pain a pastor will go through to test his faith if some people were killed and they were happy to die for the gospel and today pastors are worrying about money then we have a problem as Christians I think is time Christians start to learn the bible by them self's .the bible talks about the poor,needed,and the rest,how many of them preach about that all ways bring to the church church church money is for who,is for the believers in the church not for one person

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AB on Aug 20, 2017 23:43
read your bible believers