Ibrahim Mahama collapsed UT Bank – Wontumi alleges

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Comment: Ibrahim collapse UT

2017-08-24 17:32:37
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Ibrahim Mahama collapsed UT Bank – Wontumi alleg

Wontumi is ignorance of what is happening. Is UT a government bank? Is he is not aware he should check from bank of Ghana if the Sunday before the take over money did not land in BOG count enroute to UT? They carried out the operation in the rambo style and on Monday because the cash transferred from Israel would have landed in UT account in the next 24 hours. Ibrahim is there target so that gcb can now chase him as a govt entity since UT cannot to that as private firm. The factory woukd have served Ghanaians. Unwanted the cement factory. So there is some elephant hunting from now and wontumi is not aware. Afterall it was a win win transaction btn Ibrahim and UT

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Macho on Aug 24, 2017 17:32
Ibrahim collapse UT