Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly – Suhuyini blasts Otabil

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Comment: WE are created in God's image

2017-08-21 20:37:44
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Otabil is a corrupt man

Sometimes it is very sad to listen to people you respect and love make comments that shake the foundation of love. If we claim to be religious lets our utterances, behavior and character speak to that. If you are a president or a pastor or a farmer, each one of you plays an important role to build a nation. In the eyes of God we are all human and created in the image of God. And everybody has to be candid and truthful. It is very sad and disheartening to call people corrupt without any proof, it is their image and reputation built for so many years. If you have any proof of corruption bring it forth let the law enforcement guys deal with it to save our nation. We Ghanaians tend to adore and worship our religious leaders, we thing they do no wrong, and easily quote bible verses to intimidate people who try to correct our pastors. But it is free for all to insult our politicians as well as traditional leaders, mind you our pastors are also leaders and needs to be corrected when they go wrong. I am a Ghanaian and fortunate to live in the United States, Our pastors here 99% of them don't see visions, do give babes, don't turn into snakes, don't catch witches or base their churches on miracles but America is the greatest country in the world. In African countries we have turned religion into occult worship believe in spirits and powers that do not exist to dupe people. Pastors suppose to preach sermons that encourage hard work, innovations, progressive thinking, dedication to country and what you can do for your country. Religious leaders have to stop always devising ways to take money from people and help the people with innovative ideas to produce more and earn more. Only in Africa did everybody's problem is caused by a witch, spirits and unseen forces. This believes have retarded our progress because we don't think and innovate ways to solve our problems so we will always remain a third world country and beg from western countries who have no witches and superstitious believes. Ghanaians the bible says no weapon formed against us shall prosper so why are you still afraid of witches, spirits, and powers of darkness? please work hard, be innovative, be law abiding and stop blaming others for your failures and you will succeed. The way Ghanaians work hard, law abiding, innovative and having saving mentality if we do same in our countries Africa will succeed.

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Samanpa on Aug 21, 2017 20:37
WE are created in God's image