Konkombas run riot; attack Fulanis at Bondika

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Comment: Unfortunate But Inevitable.

G. K. Berko
2017-08-24 12:54:32
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Konkombas run riot; attack Fulanis at Bondika

This clash of Konkombas and Fulanis is unfortunate. But it was inevitable, just as many other native folks elsewhere had confronted the Fulanis who seemed to have blatantly ignored the concerns of the Farmers.

The nomadic activities of the Fulanis cannot go unchecked and allowed to destroy the lives of sedentary Farmers. The Fulanis often argue they have some natural, god-given rights to lead their Cattle to graze everywhere on the face of the Planet, and it would not matter if the flora of choice the animals feed on are other people's crops or not.

Such abject selfish trampling on the rights of other folks should not be tolerated in this modern age. If the Fulanis don't want to change to practice their trade in one location they may own, then, they should understand that they would be constantly fought back by those who choose to do so and have to protect the products of their labor.

The Fulanis may claim that their lives depend on the animals they raise. Well, so do the lives of many other folks depend on the crops they till on their farms. We live in a period where the rule of Law is supposed to be respected. The survival of the fittest mentality with which the Fulanis seem to run around destroying other people's farms, may also be the same that could lead to their extinction, if they fail to change their lifestyle of unbridled nomadic rampage through others' properties.

The Government must intervene with a clear and concise, crispy decision to resolve this Fulani menace, else a huge human catastrophe may ensue soon.

In this case, the Fulanis seem to have met their match in the no-nonsense Konkombas. But I wish the Government would quickly move to avert greater and more dangerous incidents between the two groups.

Lastly, these Fulanis must be properly examined to see if they have legal citizenry and permits to operate the business they are engaged in. If not, they would have either to be processed for immigrant residential status, or quickly deported. I do not think our ECOWAS principles even allow Nationals from any country to intrude into other countries to invade the private properties of the Nationals of those host Nations. We have seen how foreigners have been evicted from member countries all around, in the West Africa sub-region, for not properly seeking permits to live and work in them. That suggests no such free migration is really in effect yet in ECOWAS.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Aug 24, 2017 12:54
Unfortunate But Inevitable.