Konkombas run riot; attack Fulanis at Bondika

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Comment: Baba Alhaji de Nima, no, you're wrong!!!

G. K. Berko
2017-08-24 14:35:09
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Re: Konkombas run riot; attack Fulanis at Bondika

Baba Alhaji de Nima, no, you're wrong!!!

A civilized Nation is one that has its Citizens respecting the rule of Law, and other people's private properties. The clashes between Fulanis and other people have not been tribal, necessarily. The main, if not the only, reason why the clashes emerge is how the Fulani herdsmen blatantly ignore the rights of people whose lands they intrude with their cattle, and destroy crops and other property on their land.

If you are wise and empathetic enough to appreciate not treating others badly, you would understand why others would not allow the Fulani herdsmen intrude into their lands, and destroy their properties.

The common and often inadequate excuse that the Fulanis give for trespassing on others' properties has been that nomadic cattle rearing is the Fulanis' lifestyle that they need to survive on.

Well, how about the Farmers whose farms are their mainstay that the cattle ravage? The days of our running around in the wild as hunters and gatherers without license, across legal boundaries, have long expired. And the only allowable semblance of those activities are supposed to be within a permissible location, according to the Laws we all must live by.

Under no circumstance should we condone the blatant usurpation of the Law to invade or trespass into other people's properties, and take advantage of them to their detriment. Such wanton primitive destructive incursions into the legally owned lands, farms and settlements of other people must be strongly rejected by all decent people everywhere.

If the Fulanis have any compelling reasons to abandon their natural homes to travel and lead their cattle to graze on other people's lands, they need to apply for proper permits, seek agreement with property owners, and have due respect for the products of the toils and sweat of the citizens of the host countries.

I don't see how a farmer protecting his or her land from destruction by the cattle of uninvited Fulanis automatically amounts to mistreatment, but the intrusion of the Fulanis to destroy the farms of the land owners is not.

Civilized and morally principled people do not continuously, blatantly infringe upon the rights of others with impunity. This is not a case of some refugees being insensitively evicted or harassed.

Ghana played her responsible role as a member of the global community and a good neighbor to offer the Fulanis home to settle, at least, temporarily, offering food and shelter and money and even transportation, when Drought cruelly desiccated Niger and her neighboring countries some two 3 decades ago (in the 80s). Many of us helped as much as we could. I was a Forest Officer, then. I had joined my local community to assist in all ways possible to offer food and shelter. We gave alms in cash and kind. So, don't preach morality to us.

Many Ghanaians didn't expect thes Fulani migrants to become permanent neighbors among us. But even so, those who chose to live permanently did not have to engage in activities that would hurt other people's lives. Period!

Besides, we realize that many more new arrivals have been streaming in, even now that the situation is better in their home countries, because they think Ghanaians are easy to handle or live with.

No one is against Fulanis as a Tribe. What people don't like is the activities some of them engage in to destroy the livelihood of other folks. If the cattle are important to the Fulani herdsmen, so are the food and cash crops of the farmers whose land the Fulanis rampage.

By the way, we don't know any Baba Tara who was a Fulani with some national repute. We only know of and greatly respect and honor BABA YARA, the excellent, spectacular Soccer maestro of the 60s and 70s. And I may even know more about him than you could know of him, unless you were his family member who cares to know much of him. But more importantly, Baba Yara was a most decent person who would never knowingly hurt anyone, unlike those Fulanis like you who have chosen to insensitively disrespect and ignore the concerns of Farmers to run their rampaging cattle through their farms to destroy their crops. You cannot claim the Fulanis have any natural or acquired rights to raise their cattle and earn money at the expense of the farmers whose land and properties are destroyed by the cattle. Do you expect the Farmers to starve or remain in debt and poverty while your folks accumulate wealth that you don't even share with the State or Communities in Taxes? Have you ever even considered reparation for the Farmers whose crops the Fulani's cattle destroy?

So, Sir, it is not Tribalism but self-protection from insensitive, selfish invading Fulani herdsmen. You must even be ashamed for not even slightly showing any concerns for the Konkombas and others who may be victims in this case. Any fair-minded individual would give due recognition of the victims in a case like this. So, who is being tribalistic here? You. You chose to jump to defend your Tribe without conceding to what some of you are doing to harm others. Any escalation of the situation to full tribal chaos would only come about from folks like you who fail to tread on the path of Justice and Fairness.

Good Day!

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Aug 24, 2017 14:35
Baba Alhaji de Nima, no, you're wrong!!!