Konkombas run riot; attack Fulanis at Bondika

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Comment: Shut The Heck Up! You're The Tribalist.

G. K. Berko
2017-08-24 14:54:54
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Re: Fulanis are Aliens

Listen to you, insulting someone for expressing his mind without insults. Didn't the Fulani herdsmen take the Law into their own hands, when they illegally traversed the properties of the Konkombas, as many of the herdsmen had already done in other parts of the country?

To call someone uncivilized and bigot for criticizing the kind of insensitive, selfish destructive activities that some Fulanis (possibly, your tribesmen) blatantly engage in with impunity to hurt others is beyond the pale of reasoning.

Why don't you concede the harm some of the herdsmen are causing others, and, in the very least, apologize, if you care enough, or are one of the offending party, like all civilized people would do? And if you are blindly defending your kind, and ignoring the pain and concerns of those the Fulanis' activities are hurting, you are the one that is displaying bigotry.

So, get a grip on yourself, and learn to apply Justice and Fairness for all.

I presume the reason that the situation has even persisted in Ghana this long, is because some of our greedy, dishonest politicians have invested in the cattle business and do not have the moral authority to help resolve the issue justly. But that is where the danger lies. The victims of Fulani rampage would rise up to violently defend their property, as the Government fails to act properly.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Aug 24, 2017 14:54
Shut The Heck Up! You're The Tribalist.