Nine dead in boat accident at Kete Krachi

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Comment: hmmmm Oman Ghana.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-05-31 18:31:22
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Re: Nine dead in boat accident at Kete Krachi

Sampson the case is simple, we Africans prefer to dual in past.how come in the modern world 21st century we Africans continue to use wooden boats to go to fishing or transport whereas we have inventor like Apostle Sarfo Kantanka who has manufacture car engine and produce cars of different types, instead our politicians to invest money to help him grows his company so that he can channels to make engine fishing boats, ambulances, trucks for wast management and order machines which can help the country to move forward, but hell No we love to stay in our tribalism behaviour relaying on our fake big certificates.

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Jeffrey Daniels on May 31, 2018 18:31
hmmmm Oman Ghana.