Drivers refuse to pay tolls over ‘killer’ roads

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Comment: Stupid fool to say that..we should pay t

2018-11-09 07:20:52
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Drivers refuse to pay tolls over ‘killer’ road

Very stupid to say is not right to say we wont pay toll fee... u are very fool. Do u wanna tell us that u have not used the motorway for the past 2 years? Bloody liar and greedy thieves. Since kwame nkrumah did that road, toll fee has been paying and u same useless stupid fools are enjoying the money instead of using it to fix the roads. Evils, always wanna see blood... from now on me and all my people I know will never ever pay any toll fee on the motorway and I expect and stupid police man to follow my car, i swear it will be a war movie on that stretch. Nonsense, instead of thinking lile humans u think like animals... U killed my friend on that stretch, u killed my uncle too...fools, calling themselves ministers ... one day we will come after u and it wont be pleasant.... Stupid people

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Ike on Nov 9, 07:20
Stupid fool to say that..we should pay t