Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road deaths – Rawlings

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Comment: Highway accidents

Karen Currie RN
2019-03-24 01:02:21
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Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road de

As a Canadian, visiting your country for medical/humanitarian reasons, I have had the 'opportunity' to ride the bus between Accra and Techiman a number of times. Each trip was terrifying! The 'spotters' fall asleep, the drivers appear to ONLY depend on their spotters and the time. Many, many times I have found myself praying that the bus would "make it" around the blind corner, past the other vehicles and to slow down. The drivers refuse to pull over for necessary breaks when THEY need them, even when asked by the passengers due to safety concerns! Unacceptable! The roads are well developed, we'll maintained: there is no excuse for the number of accidents, injuries and, especially, deaths. I will NEVER travel at night on a bus in my adopted Ghana...

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Karen Currie RN on Mar 24, 2019 01:02
Highway accidents