Death toll in Techiman-Kintampo road accident rises to 67

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Comment: Grow up

Nana yaw
2019-03-23 19:40:59
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Ghanaians maniacs on the roads

Masa , I think we've grown pass your inferiority complex, what da fuck are u saying???? , a 4 lane highway in a country gh is expensive??? I'm shocked @ the way u reason , so to u it's better our leaders to hire about 130 ministers with each having suvs and using free fuel and accommodation while a whole nation with a vast resources stick in an 18 century infrastructural development? I believe u like living in da mud .gosh!! I'm shocked and amazed about how some of think. Please do a crosscheck about how some of our African countries are developing way faster with less resources in their countries like ours, and come back to say 4 lane road infrastructure to prevent head on collision accident like this are expensive for a nation like Ghana. Let's hold our leaders accountable of what they do with our money. And please grow up from your 1960 mentality that 4 lane infrastructure linking our major cities are expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nana yaw on Mar 23, 2019 19:40
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