12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

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Comment: We need robust security.

Bretuoba Kofi Frimpong Boateng
2019-08-05 12:17:03
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12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

To you Nigerians, we love you as our brothers and opened our doors to you even after what you did or continue to do to Ghanaians. We are aware of your crime infested country but we still accepted you. This ECOWAS thing also played some part and gave you the freedom to loiter about in Ghana engaging in all sorts of criminal activities. A Nigerian friend in the U.K. warned me that Ghana will see increased numbers of criminal activities with the influx of his own people. He is right. We have pick pockets, armed robbers, and other types of criminals but this kidnap, rape and kill has become rampant with you guys in our midst. You cannot blame Ghanaians for coming hard, violent and strong on you. After all the U.K. opted to come out of the European Union because they couldn’t handle criminal activities from some particular countries from the EU. They knew the consequences but they had to listen to the voice of their citizens. We are going to flush you out and to hell with those ECOWAS protocols because the next victim could be my niece.

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PRINCE KWASI ADADE (OFIE P33) on Aug 5, 10:04
Bretuoba Kofi Frimpong Boateng on Aug 5, 12:17
We need robust security.